Sun and Moon slot review

Sun and Moon Slot Review

Sun and Moon is an Aztec themed slot game featuring huge golden opportunities for players to cash in on. The game is composed of 20 lines with 5 reels with graphic symbols such as an ancient ring, Aztec headdress, and tribal symbol.

The big winning symbols to keep an eye on are the ancient pyramid, the gold sun, and the silver moon. The ancient pyramid symbol will reveal a symbol underneath after all of the reels have stopped. The lines are paid according to all of the symbols showing. The pyramid symbol only appears on reel 2 and sometimes it can reveal a symbol needed for huge winnings.

The ancient pyramid symbol can be very satisfying or very disappointing. The anticipation for it to land makes the game very thrilling.

The gold sun and the silver moon symbols are the true heart and soul to this exciting game. These two symbols have four different functions; they serve as wild symbols, paytable symbols, scatter symbols, and bonus game triggers.

As wild symbols the sun and moon can substitute for all other symbols but not themselves. The sun and moon can payout as their own for a win. If the sun and moon symbols are used as a wild symbol the game will only award you with the bigger amount.

You will not get the matching sun and silver line win and the win as used as being a wild only the bigger payout. The scatter payouts work like this, if three or more sun and moon symbols land on any reel in any position on the reels from left to right will earn you the scatter winnings. The scatter pay times your total bet in addition to any other pay line wins.

Sun and Moon Free Spins Game

The Sun and Moon slots biggest and thrilling moment in the game is its free spin bonus game feature. You can earn up to 50 free spins. In the bonus game, the payouts are times by two.

The bonus spins are awarded as the following, 2 sun or moon symbols equals 5 free spins, 3 sun or moon symbols equals 10 free spins, 4 sun or moon symbols equals 20 free spins, and 5 sun or moon symbols equals the big 50 free spins.

The Sun and Moon slots game is available online to play for real money. If you need to try it out for free then you can download the game on your computer or download the app on your smartphone to get a feel for the game.

Overall, Sun and Moon slots is a great game that offers great opportunities for players to cash in big with the game’s various winning combinations and earning up to 50 free spins when the bonus game feature is triggered which awards you with payouts multiplied by two.

Players will be very entertained by the game’s outstanding graphic design, the music and sounds, and of course the numerous possibilities of hitting gigantic jackpots. Sun and Moon slots a great and exciting game you will enjoy playing for hours.