Red Chilli pokies sites – Win up to 50,000 coins & 10 free spins.

The game came out in 1st of January 2017 and the developers are Amatic Industries, who are also responsible for many other great slot games. The founder of Amatic, R. Bauer gained the skill and experience necessary through years of slot games development, and this expertise is evident from the moment you start to play the game.

Anyone who is also familiar with Novomatic Slots can also relate to their style as Amatic is an offshoot of that firm. You can play the game with the Red Chilli pokies machine app present online on various websites; the game is also available on mobile devices.

Red Chilli pokies sites 2020.

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Looking for a simple yet deceptively addictive game to test your luck? Then look no further as the free Red Chilli pokies have it all to fulfill your needs. Whether you are playing for fun, to pass the time or for gathering up some quick cash, you will find the game providing you with a reliable or consistent supply of entertainment.

The theme of the game is based around Latin culture and you will find elements like traditional Mexican melodies, colorful and vibrant graphics depicting that culture with symbols like Tequilas and Spanish Guitars. The whole idea of such a vivid setting is to give players the experience of being in a sunny and happy place, far from the stress of their job or other day-to-day activities.

You can play it on various websites that offer the Red Chilli pokies machine online for free. Though some of those would be the demo versions, to play the complete game you can visit Amatic’s website or go to others like BlizStars. You will also find that you can play the Red Chilli pokies machine online for free if it is only coins; to play with real money, you would have to make some registrations.

Slot Game Modes

Red Chilli pokies consists of two modes that are not so different from each other. The usual or standard mode consists of only two parameters that the player would need to adjust: the number of lines to be selected and the amount of coin that the player wants to bet per line. Before you initiate the spin, you need to carefully decide the number of lines to activate and the bet you want to play.

Note that higher bets and maximum line numbers will significantly increase the profits or rewards that you gain out of the spin. After that, at the beginning of each rotation, the selected amount will be multiplied twenty times and withdrawn from the player’s account. As long as there are 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols appearing on the pay line, the user can be assured of getting a reward.

We will talk about the maximum and minimum amount in detail further down below. Before that, let us talk about the symbols in the game and the rewards that they yield.

Symbols and Payouts

As we mentioned above, the symbols used in this slot game are meant to evoke a typical Latin lifestyle. The lowest step of the symbol ladder shows the Cactus and corn, while the top of that pyramid is a Spanish guitar. The symbols that are used to illustrate the rich Latin culture are memorable and each of them carries their worth.

You have to get at least 3 of them to match in a row to receive a reward if you manage to get 4 or 5, then the rewards will be even greater. Aside from matching the symbols and spinning, there isn’t much to the game.

This will sort of feel boring or dried to expert players or those who have experienced a lot of slot games online. However, the aspect of matching the symbols is the reason that the game is so simple for new players to understand.

Now talking about the payouts, let us take an example of a solitary guitar that will pay 500 coins for a 5-to-5 combination, and a single tequila bottle will pay 300 coins for the same combination. If certain conditions are met, then these two symbols will instantly become the jackpot reward symbols.

The Latin woman is the Wild symbol while the slot logo is the Scatter symbols. If you get a five-to-five combination involving the Wild and Scattered symbols, you will get 2,500 and 1,000 coins, respectively. In the Red Chilli pokies, special attention should be paid to the Scatter symbols because they provide free spins for the player.

That being said, if there is no combination of 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels for a long time, it is recommended to increase the bet size. It should also be known that a line win is a multiple of the line bet, and out of all of the line bets, only the highest value one will be counted. Now let us take a look at the payouts for all of the symbols, with the lowest bet kept in reference:

  • Flower has 20 coins for 3x, 100 coins for 4x and 400 coins for 5x
  • Corn has 10 coins for 3x, 50 coins for 4x and 200 coins for 5x
  • Scatter has 4 coins for 3x, 20 coins for 4x and 100 coins for 5x
  • Guitar has 50 coins for 3x, 200 coins for 4x and 1000 coins for 5x
  • Maracas has 20 coins for 3x, 100 coins for 4x and 400 coins for 5x
  • Cactus has 10 coins for 3x, 50 coins for 4x and 200 coins for 5x
  • Latina Potrait has 100 coins for 3x, 500 coins for 4x and 5000 coins for 5x
  • Tequila Bottle has 40 coins for 3x, 150 coins for 4x and 600 coins for 5x

Free Spins or Bonus Rounds

After taking a look at all of the coin rewards of the symbols, it is time we mention the other things that make Red Chilli interesting. First up on the list are free spins, that are also said to be the game’s ‘bonus’ rounds.

We know from the information above that both the Scatter and Wild symbols grant you a reward of a lot of coins when you get 5 of them in a row, but, with the Scatter symbol, you also get 10 free spins.

It should also be known that you can get these free spins from 3 and 4 Scatter symbols also, it doesn’t have to be strictly 5. During the bonus rounds, the Red Chilli pokies machine will replace some of the symbols with the Wild one.

These free spins are utilized first and foremost, you can’t go back to the normal game while this bonus mode is active. There is also a way you can get additional free spins whilst you are in the bonus mode, the requirement for that is to get a scatter symbol or red chili symbol and you will get one free spin each time they appear. It is worth mentioning that the bonus spins are played with the same number of lines and bet amount with which the game was started.

Gambling Mode

If you are in the mood for some risky business, then you can always opt for the gambling option whenever you play Red Chilli pokies. The gambling mode offers a fun and thrilling experience to the players by giving them the same anxiousness as they would feel in a real casino, this feeling is further enhanced if the players are betting with real money.

You can only access the gambling mode if you manage to get 3 or more symbols in a row after a spin, regardless if you are playing in the standard mode or you are using the free spins.

After getting a successful spin and entering the gambling mode, you will be moved to a screen that will have two upturned cards and two buttons along with a selection of colors. There is also the option to bet either all of the winnings of your previous spins or only half of them.

To win the gambling round, your task will be to guess the correct color or suit of a random unknown card on the screen. If the player manages to guess the color of the unknown card correctly, then the amount they had wagered will be doubled, and if they manage to get even the suit of the card correct, then their wagered amount will be quadrupled. There is a catch though, if the player gets their guess wrong on either of the two things, then they will lose all of the winnings.

The Jackpots

What’s the best way to ensure that the players always come back to a specific slot game the next day? What would be the driving factor, the reason or incentive that would keep the players interested? The biggest and rarest reward, also known as the jackpot.

The Red Chilli pokies machine allows big wins as its jackpot and the best thing about this game is that it allows for various tiers of this big reward. What we mean by tiers is that each of the symbols contributes to a jackpot of their value, which you will get when the required condition is fulfilled of course.

The condition for the jackpot in the Red Chilli pokies game is that the entire screen needs to be the same symbol, all the reels, and lines. It is a rare occurrence, despite having the advantage that the condition can be fulfilled with any symbol.

Speaking of symbols, let us now take a look at a few examples of the reward tiers for the jackpots. If you have managed to get a screen full of Tequila Bottles, then your jackpot is of 6000 coins. Another example is the Spanish Guitars that have a reward of 10,000 coins when you get a screen full of them.

However, the most valuable of them all is the Wild Symbol, which is the Latin woman, a screen full of that symbol grants you the grand reward of 50,000 coins.

Slot Game Volatility

Now that we are nearing the end of our Red Chilli pokies review, let us talk about a few concerning things that the player has in mind when playing this game. It is obvious that regardless of what we play, we want to win and with as much value as it is possible.

In the case of slot games, that is not always certain with the core of the game being reliant on chance; this measure of uncertainty for a ‘total’ victory is known as slot volatility or slot variance.

In the case of Amatic Industries’ Red Chilli, this difficulty is not an issue as it has a medium variance, which is the middle ground between high or low variance. The thing with high variance is that it rewards the player more but there is a huge risk involved, while low variance makes the rewards smaller but more frequent. The Red Chilli pokies strike a perfect balance with its medium variance.

RTP and Coin Value

Similar to most of the other games that Amatic has made, the player can bet one coin on the slot machine’s line. Since the Red Chilli pokie has 20 lines, the player can wager with a maximum of 20 coins. If you are to trade these coins for credits, then it is estimated that their value could go as high as $100.

When it comes to the minimum and maximum amount you can bet, then it is $0.2 and $5 respectively if we are talking about actual money. The betting in the game is done on each line by the player with the utilization of coins. Also, let us not forget about the great 96% Return-to-Player value that makes it so that you can get as much from your winnings as possible.


The layout of the Red Chilli pokies machine consists of 20 betting lines and 5 standard slot reels. Initially, the entire thing can be a bit difficult to understand for players who are used to only 3 standard slot machines but it all becomes easier as you play. Like most Amatic slots, you can only bet one coin per line which means you can have up to 20 coins at a maximum.

This won’t attract high stakes to draw in hardcore players, but the newcomers, especially those who want to learn how to play slot games, will have a reliable platform. They can use this to make themselves comfortable and experienced enough to tackle far more complex 5 slot games.