More Chilli slots – Play with free spins, Extra Wilds & Reels!

If you are looking for a slot machine game that has a vibrant theme and no dull moments, then you will find More Chilli to your liking. It is a popular video game made by Aristocrat, one of Australia’s largest game developers.

The unique Mexican theme offers unparalleled excitement, elements synonymous with Mexican cultures, such as peppers and many other elements displayed on the screen to enhance your experience. The game is simple, but fun, making more peppers a special choice for slot machine enthusiasts, just like other Mexican pokies like Red Chilli slots from Amatic.

More Chilli Slots

Featured image of the More Chilli slots screenshot
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More Chilli Slots Features

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Coins: £0.01-£5
  • Wilds: All
  • Scatters: All
  • Bonus Games: Free Spins
  • Features: Extra Wilds
  • Jackpot:
  • RTP:

More Chilli Slots Basics

  • Game Type : Free Spins
  • Software : Aristocrat

More Chilli Slots

Up to €/$200 bonus + 150 free spins

Through the license agreement with GameAccount Network, this popular 5-reel slot has been released online, almost the same as the land-based version. Slot game developers usually ignore this when they transition their game from platform to platform, which puts both the More Chilli pokies and the online version ahead of their competition.

You can have the same fun experience regardless of where you play and will not be missing out on any content. More Chilli slots can be played on either the machines found in various casinos or online on Aristocrat’s own website.

Casinos with More Chilli slots online.

Originally, the game was exclusively planned and developed for casinos, malls and local bars; you could find the Chilli Pokie machines in almost all of these locations. The rise in its popularity and success, however, encouraged Aristocrat Gaming to bring it to the App Store and design new online versions that would continue to attract players from around the world.

100% bonus up to £50 + 25 Spins
Min £20 dep|60 WR|30 days expiry
Up to €/$200 bonus + 150 free spins
Min dep. $10 | New players only
100% bonus up to €500
Min $30 dep|40x WR|30 days expiry
100% bonus up to $320 + 20 free spins
Min $10 AUD dep|30x WR|30 days expiry

Aristocrat’s More Chilli slot machine game can be played online at the recommended online casino for free or for real money. To access the More Chilli slot game online, you need to sign up for an online casino account. If you only want to play the game for free, you don’t need to deposit any money into your account.

More Chilli slot machine engine.

More Chilli is ideal for novice and high stakes gamblers because of the various denominations used for betting. The game also includes bonus features like free spins, scatter symbols and rewards in the wild, which can increase your chances of winning large sums of money.

Players will find it easy to understand and play the game, as all instructions related to it is clearly mentioned on the screen. The special design of the console ensures that the player has an interactive experience free from any sort of hassle.

Players can choose whether they want to bet real money in the game or play a free game to have fun. More Chilli slots have 5 reels with 3 symbols per roll, 25 pay lines and allow the players to make real money bets using coin denominations from 1 cent to 2 dollars. A penny is a minimum bet you can put on more pepper slots, and the maximum bet is $60, plus, only one coin is accepted per pay line.

Despite having no obvious progressive aspect, players can win up to 2000 coins and $4,000 in cash by playing the bonus functions. Although. there are different sizes of extra bets, there seem to be several variations depending on the location.

For instance, in Australia and online casinos, an additional 5 credits are needed for additional free games, 25 credits for 25 lines, but in a US casino, a total of 40 credits are needed for an extra free bet.

What are the high paying symbols in More Chilli slot?

The theme in More Chilli revolves around elements that are synonymous with Mexico and its culture, these elements include the sun, chihuahuas, pepper stalls, tequila, and mustache. The symbols that appear in the game include a bag of dollars, chicken and traditional playing cards, namely Nine, Ten, Ace, King, Queen, and Jack. When the game starts, you are greeted by a cheerful and chubby Mexican man with a mustache and as you progress, you will be hearing him making certain announcements or ‘cheers’.

The attention to detail in this slot machine game is excellent, and every detail greatly emphasizes on the accuracy of the game’s Mexican theme. If the displayed symbols and graphics don’t pay isn’t enough to draw you in, the red, white and green scrolls will definitely make up for it.

More Chilli is a 25-line slot game with wild symbols and scattered symbols. Down below, we will be talking about the top three most important symbols of the slot machine game. A special mention out of all these symbols goes to the red pepper which plays an important role for the free spin bonus feature. More Chilli slot payment tables are ideal for 5 types, you can occasionally get 5 types in the base game but they do appear in the free spin bonus feature.

Red Pepper Symbol

The red pepper symbol in the more chili slots appears on the reels and can be stacked but there is no payment form. This is very similar to getting a blank symbol in an older mechanical reel slot machine. It is a filler symbol in the base game and acts as an obstacle. Though in the free game of bonus features, you want it to appear as much as possible

Money Bag Scatter Symbol

Three or more Money Bag symbols displayed anywhere on the reels are decentralized payments. In addition to winning any pay line, it pays 2 times the total bet (total bet = line bet x line number). The Scatter Symbol is also a trigger for More Chilli’s exciting free spin bonus feature.

Sombrero Man Wild Symbol

More than the wild symbol, the Sombrero Man symbol in the Chilli slot game has its own odds. It replaces all symbols except the Money Bags scattered salary and red pepper symbols. Each line can only achieve the highest victory.

The wild symbol is a stacked symbol that means you can display up to 3 wild symbols on the same reel.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

We know what the symbols are but what importance do they hold for slot machine games? Well, they are one of the most core aspects of the game. In More Chilli, you have a machine with three reels and your objective is to obtain the same and valuable symbols in a row.

Now, you might be wondering that what are these Wild and Scatter symbols that have been mentioned above, More Chilli has them as two separate categories that have their own reward and role, let us take a look at what that is.

Scatter Symbols

A bag of super spicy peppers represents the Scatter symbol, these are the key to triggering the free spin function, and you will also see the Chihuahua dog if you carry up to 1,500 coins all the way to the bank. You will find the lost tequila bottle as a reward with up to 1000 coins and another one being the pepper cart that gives you up to 900 coins. This is known as Scatter Pays which is a very popular feature present in games like the Merlin Millions slot machine from Microgaming.

Hunting down the chickens that escaped from their paddock will give you up to 800 coins and finding the sun beams down to see the action temperature will earn you up to 700 coins. There is also standard Ace to 9 playing card symbols that we can use when playing a casino slot machines at Aristocrat.

Wild Symbols

The first of the Wild symbols is “Hola”, and another is the Mexican-style amigo. They can replace any other symbol of the scatter and help increase the chances of forming a winning combination. The symbol of the Red Pepper is one of the most important symbols of the game, as mentioned before. If you use three or more of these icons, you can win ten free spins. In addition, activation of the Plus Five Bet will give you five additional free spins.

The most popular part of the free spin bonus in More Chill slots is that a larger number of scatter symbols can contain a larger number of reels to rotate. Initially, players can get two sets of reels, but if you collect nine pepper icons, an extra reel will be added to the game.

Collecting fourteen scatter symbols will increase the reel to four, and thirty of these symbols will add the fifth reel and fill the reel number three, four and five, and the rest freely rotate with the wild icon. At the end of the bonus game, your bonus will be added to your total revenue and you will be directed to the core game.

More Chilli Gambling Feature

Similar to most slot games developed by Aristocrat Gaming, More Chilli also offers a feature that allows players to gamble and multiply their bonuses. The gambling function in More Chilli is a side card game in which the player needs to guess the color or color of the card before the card is displayed.

If you are able to guess the color of the guard correctly, your current reward will be doubled, but if you manage to guess the card itself, including its color, correctly then your reward will be quadrupled.

One thing to note about the more chili slots is that it is enjoyable for both big gamblers and small gamblers. One of the best features of More Chilli is that it is one of those slot machines that support both small and large players. You can get the highest bet of $60 and have the chance to win nearly $4,000.

How to activate free spins in More Chilli slots?

To activate the free spins mode, you need to obtain as many peppers as possible. You will also need to take note that the man with the mustache is not there just for show and cheers, his symbol that appears on the reel can be replaced with any other icon, which means you can swap that to a pepper.

If you place three or more such symbols on the reel, you will get ten free spins. If you have activated the Plus Five Bet, you will get another five free spins. Three or more Money Bag scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins Bonus feature, but if you are lucky, slot games sometimes reward a random feature for playback only. Other Aristocrat pokies like 5 Dragons slots work in a similar manner.

The man in the sombrero shouted “more peppers.” You just triggered a bonus round or got an extra set of reels in Aristocrat’s More Chilli slot game. More Chili Slots is definitely a unique free spin bonus feature.

The more times you get peppers, the more free spins you will get. At the start, you get two sets of reels but if you don’t collect the pepper icon you won’t get any free spins. However, if you manage to accumulate fourteen pepper symbols, then you will have four reels. If you collect 30 pepper symbols, the reel numbers 3, 4 and 5 will load the wild icon for the rest of the free spin.

If you can collect 30 red pepper symbols in some way, then scrolls 3, 4 and 5 will all become Wild. The key is to unlock at least 4 rotations in 4 games and you can get some serious rewards through reels 4 and 5, if they become wild.


Similar to the other games by the developers, More Chilli’s design fits the traditional 5 by 3 reel structure, and 25 lines promise generous spending. High-paying icons include a man with a mustache, peppers, chihuahua, hot dishes, and more depicting Mexican culture.

Enjoy the wonderful red, orange and blue themes from the sun’s rays. In addition to playing free online casino slots for more peppers. Other than that, you can make quite a buck by playing this game, if you are lucky..

Sometimes it feels good to give a discount, or more precisely reward someone with a token. One fact is that Aristocrat is ranked first. As a result, they added a lot of irresistible opportunities to the players for more peppers. From extra rotation, scattered images as well as replacement images.

Typically, the surrogate image takes the position of a beaded Mexican national and has the ability to replace each image instead of scattering the image. The colorful signs on the paytable of More Chilli scream ‘Viva Mexico’ and will leave you with an experience that is sure to last.