Classic 243 slots review

Classic 243 slot machine – Back to the 80’s and into the future?

How can one travel back to the 80’s but into the future at the same time? Meet the latest release of RabCat: a premium 5-reel video slot machine that’s futuristic, features stunning animations and guarantees that you will get between 2 and 3 Stacked Wilds during every Free Spin – not something you see every day if you ask me.

As you’d assumed from the name, it’s a 243 engine wrapped in flashy 80’s neon animated colours and futuristic sounds. To me this Classic 243 slot feels very much like Starburst slot and other similar games with space themes.

If you visit the forums, you’ll notice that many players find the variance of this game to be awfully low; whether that’s a plus or a con if for you to decide but what’s certain is that this game can provide long-lasting gaming sessions with fantastic winning opportunities.

Slot machines with low variance often make up for it by offering other attractive winning features, for example, free bonus features. The free spins bonus game is amongst the players’ favourite feature and in the case of Classic 243 slots is one place you can look for HIGHER wins.

The free spins bonus in Classic 243 slot will award you with a minimum of three free spins or up to 10 free spins. Now here’s the catch: free spins not always guarantee wins but this one is different. Once the free spins mode is unlocked in Classic 243 slot machine there will be between 2 and 3 Stacked Wilds in place on the reels to make sure you get the highest winning possibilities and the chance to build high-paying prizes. What’s more is that the free spins bonus game can be re-triggered thus giving you three more chances of creating winning combos.

The Classic 243 slot machine from RabCat is definitely an attractive choice for casual and penny players. The mathematics of the game are sound but it seems like the free bonus game is what makes the game. Then again, very similar to Starburst slots if you ask me.

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