Chilli Gold 2 pokie review – Free spins with Wild and Stacked Symbols.

Looking for a game that has everything a great slot machine should have? Then you will find Chilli Gold 2 to be an insanely fun option. The makers of the game are Lightning Box and in this sequel, their focus is on land-based markets and online casino players.

It has already achieved great success in both areas because of its compelling color graphics and bonus features for a reward. Lightning Box is known for its surprise features like the Chilli Gold jackpots. In this game, the surprise feature is known as the excellent Stellar Jackpot feature. You can play Chilli Gold 2 slot on various online casino websites, the demo version can be found on the developer’s website.

Chilli Gold Slot 2 also picks up from where the original title by Lightning box left off. Working with NextGen Gaming and deploying on the NYX OGS platform, the sequel, Chilli Gold 2 slot has grown in popularity with its interesting game modes and two times the reward on the payment line for all Wilds in the bonus games.

The number of reels for the game is five, with four rows and forty fixed pay lines. The theme of the game is also the same as its predecessor, which is Mexican, with all of the relevant symbols like cactus, guitars, and chillis. The Mexican music is also a big plus to the overall theme, especially when you land winning combinations.

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Variance Level and Return-To-Player Value

Chilli Gold 2 pokies strike a perfect balance with its medium variance as it complements both amateur and advanced players. Why? The thing with high variance is that it rewards the player more but there is a huge risk involved, while low variance makes the rewards smaller but more frequent.

It is important to consider that whatever kind of slot game we play, we want to win and with as much value as it is possible and for slot games, that is not always certain. with the core of the game being reliant on chance; this measure of uncertainty or volatility is what decides how much the players will win.

Regardless of this mechanic, the developers and the game itself has enough incentive to keep the players interested. The main reason is the surprise bonus mode that takes you on a Mexican themed space ride and gives you a huge payout.

Another one being that the earnings you have will be doubled if you manage to get a line of Golden Chillis, which was not the case in the prequel, Chilli Gold. Lastly, the game has a Return-to-Player or RTP value of 96.3%, which means you will be getting that percentage of the reward from your overall winnings.

This is a pretty sweet deal compared to the RTP values of bigger or other online casino slot games, comparatively, you have a higher margin of earnings than those others.

Slot Features

When you play Chilli Gold 2 poker machine, there are two main game modes that you will be spending your time on. The first is the usual reel-spinning game in which they have to match the symbols and bet on the 40 pay lines.  

The second is the bonus mode called Stellar Jackpots in which they will be taken away from the regular reel mode and teleported to outer space. The potential rewards in both game segments are somewhat guaranteed but you can always make the most out of them if you know how they work.

The visual and gameplay of Chilli Gold 2’s Stellar Jackpots are pretty smooth and enhanced when it comes to the theme. Players will find a wide range of Mexican-themed symbols on the 40 pay lines, including guitars, chillis, donkeys and the guy offering you peppers.

If the objective is to get a bigger reward, players can decide as to how much money they want to bet by setting an amount for each pay line; the more coins you bet, the higher the potential bonus you win.

The Chilli Gold 2 pokie machine also has the stacked wild cards from the previous game which is represented by the Chilli symbol. The symbol will also replace all other symbols on the reel but it will also be responsible for giving you the two-times multiplier on your winnings.

However, the chilli that gives the multiplier is not found in the normal mode but during the free game bonus feature. It will also be denoted by a golden color and if you can get the symbol stacked on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels, you will double your rewards. We will talk about the various symbols and these game modes in detail below.

Slot Symbols

The Chilli Gold 2 pokie does a really good job at encapsulating the traditional Mexican theme with all of the vibrant design and symbols on the reels. What you will be seeing as these symbols are blue parrots, a pair of maracas, a mule, a Mexican guy handing you out the Chilli, guitars, both the Red and Golden Chillis and cards that show the numbers 9, 10 and letters J, Q, K and A. The peppers, as mentioned before, will act as wild and reward symbols if they are stacked on the reels as 2, 3 and 4.

Now let us take a look at the payouts for all of the symbols, with the lowest and highest bet kept in reference:

  • The Mexican guy handing out the Chilli gives has 5 to 10 coins for 2x, 30 to 60 coins for 3x, 125 to 250 coins for 4x, and 500 to 1000 coins for 5x.
  • The Mule gives 25 to 50 coins for 3x, 60 to 120 coins for 4x, and 125 to 250 coins for 5x.
  • The Maracas has 10 to 20 coins for 3x, 20 to 40 coins for 4x, and 75 to 150 coins for 5x.
  • The Guitar has 10 to 20 coins for 3x, 20 to 40 coins for 4x, and 75 to 150 coins for 5x.
  • The Parrot has 15 to 30 coins for 3x, 50 to 100 coins for 4x, and 100 to 200 coins for 5x.
  • The Number cards (10,9) if same have 5 to 10 coins for 3x, 10 to 20 coins for 4x, and 25 to 50 coins for 5x.
  • The Letter cards (Q, K, J, A) if same have 5 to 10 coins for 3x, 10 to 20 coins for 4x, and 50 to 100 coins for 5x.
  • The Red and Gold Chilli grant free spins and double rewards if they are substituted.

Wild and Stacked Symbols

Now let us talk about the Wild or Stacked symbols in the Chilli Gold 2 slot machine, which are the Red and Gold Chilli symbols. The Red Chilli symbol acts as both the wild and scatter symbol in the standard mode, whilst the Gold one isn’t available at that moment.

The symbols are called stacked because as they pile up together, they create a greater chance of winning and triggering a free spin. Here is how they work:

 The Red Chilli is a Wild Symbol that replaces regular icons as it did in the original Chilli Gold slot game. These Red Chilli symbols are also the key to unlocking free spins, if you manage to get 6 or more on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel, then you will enter the bonus free spin mode.

 Getting these multiple Red Chilli Wilds is not as difficult as it seems as these symbols are usually displayed as full-reel Stacked Symbols in the three center reels. It also constitutes as a bonus game retriggering symbol when it appears in a particular combination of numbers, even after you have obtained that free spin and were already in the bonus mode but the catch is that you won’t be able to bet on them.

Gold Chilli Wild and Gold Chilli Doubled are additional wild symbols that appear on in the bonus reels. Like the Red Chilli symbol, the Gold Chilli icon is configured as Stacked Symbols. Unlike the red one, however, Gold Chilli Wilds appears on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5.

The free spins bonus mode is slightly different in Gold Chilli 2 than the base game but it gives you more rewards. Plus, this is the place where you can get the sweet two-times multiplayer on all of the pay line wins, doesn’t matter if they were done through the Red or Golden Chilli, or whether they are marked as doubled or not, the final payment is twice the normal winning value of the matched symbol.

Free Spins

Free Spins are obtained via the Red Chilli symbols in the Red Chilli Gold 2 slot game if you aren’t already in the bonus mode. As mentioned before, if you manage to get 6 Red Chillis in any formation on the reels 2, 3 and 4, then you get 3 free spins.

That’s not all, you can get more than three spins if you manage to get more than six Red Chilli symbols, and since the Chillis are stacked, you can get even more. Here is a list of how many free spins you can get according to the Red Chilli symbols you obtain:

  • 6 Red Chilli symbols anywhere get you 3 free spins
  • 7 Red Chilli symbols anywhere get you 6 free spins
  • 8 Red Chilli symbols anywhere get you 9 free spins
  • 9 Red Chillis symbols anywhere get you 12 free spins
  • 10 Red Chillis symbols anywhere get you 15 free spins
  • 11 Red Chillis symbols anywhere get you 18 free spins
  • 12 Red Chillis symbols anywhere get you 21 free spins

During these free spins, a Gold Chilli symbol will be added to the reels and only strictly appearing on the reels 2, 3 and 4, plus, act as a wild symbol and not scatter. You can get consecutive free spins by obtaining more Red Chilli symbols.

The probability of getting this to happen doesn’t seem bad either, you can get 6 or 9 free spins with ease as this bonus is most likely triggered every 30 to 50 spins or so. Keep in mind that you can’t retrigger the spins with the Gold Chilli symbol, but you can get the two-times multiplier from it.

Stellar Jackpots 

Chilli Gold 2 has two great modes that the players can experience, the first bonus mode is what we have discussed above, all of the free spins and double rewards via the Red and Gold Chilli symbols. The second one is the Stellar Jackpot that only occurs randomly when the user has played over 48 coins on all the 40 pay lines.

When the game mode starts, the player will be teleported to outer space where they will have to pass a series of levels to obtain one of the three jackpot prizes. These jackpot prizes are cash rewards and have fixed values as indicated on the top of the game screen. They are:

  • The Mini Jackpot, which is 400 Euros if you have bet the maximum and 16 Euros if you have bet the minimum amount.
  • The Minor Jackpot, which is 2000 Euros if you have bet the maximum and 80 Euros if you have bet the minimum amount.
  • The Major Jackpot, which is 50,000 Euros if you have bet the maximum and 2000 Euros if you have bet the minimum amount.

There are a total of 7 levels in the Stellar Jackpot game mode. Starting from level 1, the player will have to make their way to the next level by destroying as many alien ships as possible.

When a player selects any of the alien ships that appear on the screen, a missile will be launched to destroy it. The missile also has Area of Effect (AoE) damage, which means that crafts near the primary targeted will also be destroyed.

Aside from the destruction, you can collect rewards from the stuff you destroy and if any of them show you a green Arrow icon, then it means you are ready to proceed to the next level. However, be on the lookout for the Red X icon, as getting three of them in a row will end the bonus mode right there.

You can get the jackpot rewards in the same way as well but only if you have completed all of the 6 previous stages and are in the last 7th stage. If you manage three icons of a specific jackpot, then you will obtain it.

The last stage is extremely challenging as it involves more space objects to be destroyed. One other thing to note is that enemy spaceships will fire back at you and you will lose a life if hit.

Gambling Mode and Betting Range

To start the gambling mode, you need to click the Heart or Clubs icon below the reels. The way this works is that you have to guess either the color or suit or both of a card that would be drawn. If you manage to get the color right, then your reward will be doubled and if you manage to get even the suit right, then the reward will be quadrupled.

The minimum bet that you can make for Chilli Gold 2 is 0.48 Euros while the maximum is 60 Euros. If you want bigger jackpots, then you would have to bet higher than 2.40 Euros. The coin range of the game is 0.01 to 1.25 and there can be only 1 coin per line.