Red Chilli pokies sites – Win up to 50,000 coins & 10 free spins.

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The game came out in 1st of January 2017 and the developers are Amatic Industries, who are also responsible for many other great slot games. The founder of Amatic, R. Bauer gained the skill and experience necessary through years of slot games development, and this expertise is evident from the moment you start to play the game.

Anyone who is also familiar with Novomatic Slots can also relate to their style as Amatic is an offshoot of that firm. You can play the game with the Red Chilli pokies machine app present online on various websites; the game is also available on mobile devices.

Red Chilli pokies sites 2020.

25 free spins no deposit + 250% bonus up to $2,500
20 free spins no deposit!
$/€500 welcome package + 100 no wager free spins
$50 free chip no deposit (CODE:50NDB)
20 free spins no deposit!

Looking for a simple yet deceptively addictive game to test your luck? Then look no further as the free Red Chilli pokies have it all to fulfill your needs. Whether you are playing for fun, to pass the time or for gathering up some quick cash, you will find the game providing you with a reliable or consistent supply of entertainment.

The theme of the game is based around Latin culture and you will find elements like traditional Mexican melodies, colorful and vibrant graphics depicting that culture with symbols like Tequilas and Spanish Guitars. The whole idea of such a vivid setting is to give players the experience of being in a sunny and happy place, far from the stress of their job or other day-to-day activities.

You can play it on various websites that offer the Red Chilli pokies machine online for free. Though some of those would be the demo versions, to play the complete game you can visit Amatic’s website or go to others like BlizStars. You will also find that you can play the Red Chilli pokies machine online for free if it is only coins; to play with real money, you would have to make some registrations.

Slot Game Modes

Red Chilli pokies consists of two modes that are not so different from each other. The usual or standard mode consists of only two parameters that the player would need to adjust: the number of lines to be selected and the amount of coin that the player wants to bet per line. Before you initiate the spin, you need to carefully decide the number of lines to activate and the bet you want to play.

Note that higher bets and maximum line numbers will significantly increase the profits or rewards that you gain out of the spin. After that, at the beginning of each rotation, the selected amount will be multiplied twenty times and withdrawn from the player’s account. As long as there are 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols appearing on the pay line, the user can be assured of getting a reward.

We will talk about the maximum and minimum amount in detail further down below. Before that, let us talk about the symbols in the game and the rewards that they yield.

Symbols and Payouts

As we mentioned above, the symbols used in this slot game are meant to evoke a typical Latin lifestyle. The lowest step of the symbol ladder shows the Cactus and corn, while the top of that pyramid is a Spanish guitar. The symbols that are used to illustrate the rich Latin culture are memorable and each of them carries their worth.

You have to get at least 3 of them to match in a row to receive a reward if you manage to get 4 or 5, then the rewards will be even greater. Aside from matching the symbols and spinning, there isn’t much to the game.

This will sort of feel boring or dried to expert players or those who have experienced a lot of slot games online. However, the aspect of matching the symbols is the reason that the game is so simple for new players to understand.

Now talking about the payouts, let us take an example of a solitary guitar that will pay 500 coins for a 5-to-5 combination, and a single tequila bottle will pay 300 coins for the same combination. If certain conditions are met, then these two symbols will instantly become the jackpot reward symbols.

The Latin woman is the Wild symbol while the slot logo is the Scatter symbols. If you get a five-to-five combination involving the Wild and Scattered symbols, you will get 2,500 and 1,000 coins, respectively. In the Red Chilli pokies, special attention should be paid to the Scatter symbols because they provide free spins for the player.

That being said, if there is no combination of 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels for a long time, it is recommended to increase the bet size. It should also be known that a line win is a multiple of the line bet, and out of all of the line bets, only the highest value one will be counted. Now let us take a look at the payouts for all of the symbols, with the lowest bet kept in reference:

  • Flower has 20 coins for 3x, 100 coins for 4x and 400 coins for 5x
  • Corn has 10 coins for 3x, 50 coins for 4x and 200 coins for 5x
  • Scatter has 4 coins for 3x, 20 coins for 4x and 100 coins for 5x
  • Guitar has 50 coins for 3x, 200 coins for 4x and 1000 coins for 5x
  • Maracas has 20 coins for 3x, 100 coins for 4x and 400 coins for 5x
  • Cactus has 10 coins for 3x, 50 coins for 4x and 200 coins for 5x
  • Latina Potrait has 100 coins for 3x, 500 coins for 4x and 5000 coins for 5x
  • Tequila Bottle has 40 coins for 3x, 150 coins for 4x and 600 coins for 5x

Free Spins or Bonus Rounds

After taking a look at all of the coin rewards of the symbols, it is time we mention the other things that make Red Chilli interesting. First up on the list are free spins, that are also said to be the game’s ‘bonus’ rounds.

We know from the information above that both the Scatter and Wild symbols grant you a reward of a lot of coins when you get 5 of them in a row, but, with the Scatter symbol, you also get 10 free spins.

It should also be known that you can get these free spins from 3 and 4 Scatter symbols also, it doesn’t have to be strictly 5. During the bonus rounds, the Red Chilli pokies machine will replace some of the symbols with the Wild one.

These free spins are utilized first and foremost, you can’t go back to the normal game while this bonus mode is active. There is also a way you can get additional free spins whilst you are in the bonus mode, the requirement for that is to get a scatter symbol or red chili symbol and you will get one free spin each time they appear. It is worth mentioning that the bonus spins are played with the same number of lines and bet amount with which the game was started.

Gambling Mode

If you are in the mood for some risky business, then you can always opt for the gambling option whenever you play Red Chilli pokies. The gambling mode offers a fun and thrilling experience to the players by giving them the same anxiousness as they would feel in a real casino, this feeling is further enhanced if the players are betting with real money.

You can only access the gambling mode if you manage to get 3 or more symbols in a row after a spin, regardless if you are playing in the standard mode or you are using the free spins.

After getting a successful spin and entering the gambling mode, you will be moved to a screen that will have two upturned cards and two buttons along with a selection of colors. There is also the option to bet either all of the winnings of your previous spins or only half of them.

To win the gambling round, your task will be to guess the correct color or suit of a random unknown card on the screen. If the player manages to guess the color of the unknown card correctly, then the amount they had wagered will be doubled, and if they manage to get even the suit of the card correct, then their wagered amount will be quadrupled. There is a catch though, if the player gets their guess wrong on either of the two things, then they will lose all of the winnings.

The Jackpots

What’s the best way to ensure that the players always come back to a specific slot game the next day? What would be the driving factor, the reason or incentive that would keep the players interested? The biggest and rarest reward, also known as the jackpot.

The Red Chilli pokies machine allows big wins as its jackpot and the best thing about this game is that it allows for various tiers of this big reward. What we mean by tiers is that each of the symbols contributes to a jackpot of their value, which you will get when the required condition is fulfilled of course.

The condition for the jackpot in the Red Chilli pokies game is that the entire screen needs to be the same symbol, all the reels, and lines. It is a rare occurrence, despite having the advantage that the condition can be fulfilled with any symbol.

Speaking of symbols, let us now take a look at a few examples of the reward tiers for the jackpots. If you have managed to get a screen full of Tequila Bottles, then your jackpot is of 6000 coins. Another example is the Spanish Guitars that have a reward of 10,000 coins when you get a screen full of them.

However, the most valuable of them all is the Wild Symbol, which is the Latin woman, a screen full of that symbol grants you the grand reward of 50,000 coins.

Slot Game Volatility

Now that we are nearing the end of our Red Chilli pokies review, let us talk about a few concerning things that the player has in mind when playing this game. It is obvious that regardless of what we play, we want to win and with as much value as it is possible.

In the case of slot games, that is not always certain with the core of the game being reliant on chance; this measure of uncertainty for a ‘total’ victory is known as slot volatility or slot variance.

In the case of Amatic Industries’ Red Chilli, this difficulty is not an issue as it has a medium variance, which is the middle ground between high or low variance. The thing with high variance is that it rewards the player more but there is a huge risk involved, while low variance makes the rewards smaller but more frequent. The Red Chilli pokies strike a perfect balance with its medium variance.

RTP and Coin Value

Similar to most of the other games that Amatic has made, the player can bet one coin on the slot machine’s line. Since the Red Chilli pokie has 20 lines, the player can wager with a maximum of 20 coins. If you are to trade these coins for credits, then it is estimated that their value could go as high as $100.

When it comes to the minimum and maximum amount you can bet, then it is $0.2 and $5 respectively if we are talking about actual money. The betting in the game is done on each line by the player with the utilization of coins. Also, let us not forget about the great 96% Return-to-Player value that makes it so that you can get as much from your winnings as possible.


The layout of the Red Chilli pokies machine consists of 20 betting lines and 5 standard slot reels. Initially, the entire thing can be a bit difficult to understand for players who are used to only 3 standard slot machines but it all becomes easier as you play. Like most Amatic slots, you can only bet one coin per line which means you can have up to 20 coins at a maximum.

This won’t attract high stakes to draw in hardcore players, but the newcomers, especially those who want to learn how to play slot games, will have a reliable platform. They can use this to make themselves comfortable and experienced enough to tackle far more complex 5 slot games.

Buffalo pokies review – A Sight of West with Buffalo pokies Online

Buffalo pokies machine game is a renowned dynamic payline online gambling game from none other than Aristocrat Gaming. The developer has yet again pulled off another incredible number, from their hat of top gambling games. It comes with the Xtra Reel Power feature, giving the product with 1024 ways of winning. More importantly, the feature is popular among the pokie lovers and supplies punters with decent payout means, without haggling with heavier investments.

Aristocrat has a habit of pulling surprises in all their games, and that is what makes them so brilliant among the real money and free slot machine lovers. Buffalo pokies online is based on a storyline, featuring the plains and structure, observed across the West.

Visualization wise, Aristocrat Gaming has kept their reputation at its regular best and has tried to bring in more subject to the background music. Buffalo online slot game is indeed an eventful experiment from the developer, assuring players to keep on expecting more innovations from the developer.

As for the players, the 5 reels and 1024 paylines is the first thing to strike. More so, while considering the payouts and symbols galore, Buffalo pokies promises a great number of prospects for the taking.

Buffalo Pokies Casino Sites 2020

25 free spins no deposit + 250% bonus up to $2,500
20 free spins no deposit!
$/€500 welcome package + 100 no wager free spins
$50 free chip no deposit (CODE:50NDB)
20 free spins no deposit!
Buffalo pokies payouts.

Buffalo pokies Pay Symbols

Buffalo pokies free online is a fruitful combination of how Aristocrat Gaming has taken up the mission of delivering a product in their standards. Much unlike the developer’s intent in developing games based in Australia, Buffalo pokies is one of their attempts, giving out the feel of West.

Symbol wise, the gambling product features 5 regular payout symbols, which are directly responsible in adding to the fortunes of the players. Considering the fact, Buffalo online slot shows these characters, backing itself with low payout ones. These low payout ones are represented with regular pokie symbols.

Without further ado, here are the payout limits given by each of the icons in the product.

The Buffalo Icon: The Buffalo imaged symbol is the highest paying icon of the gambling product. It first gives out 300 coins for showing up 5 times in the game reels. For its next appearance at 4x times, the reward for taking is 100 coins. Similarly, the icon promises to pay 50 coins for appearing 3 times, and finally, for showing up 2 times in the game, the coins to take away home is 10.

Eagle Imaged Icon: The Eagle Imaged symbol is the 2nd highest payout icon of Buffalo online slot machine game. First, the icon triggers as much as 150 coins for 5x appearance of the same during the course of a round. In the next stage, the symbol gives out 100 coins for coming up 4 times in the product. Finally, the pay of 50 coins is assured for the punters for the logo coming up 3 times across the reels.

Tiger Imaged Symbol: Buffalo pokies online arrives with this logo next up for the real money and free players. The symbol is responsible for providing a payout of 150 coins for the logo appearing 5 times in the gambling game. This is kept up with the payout, as 4x appearance assures 100 coins as a major takeaway. In the end, the logo provides 50 coins as a reward for the appearance of 3 times in the game.

Wolf Imaged Logo: Next up in the list of main payout icons of Buffalo pokies game, comes the image of a Wolf. This has convincing coin multipliers and gives out 120 coins for 5x times to appear in the slot layout. The trend of payout in the next stage is assured as the icon gives out 80 coins for the appearance of 4x in the main game reels. Lastly, 20 coins are the final payout for showing up 3 times in the game.

Stag Imaged Icon: The Stag Imaged icon in Buffalo pokies is a final symbol among the regular paying ones. This is responsible for giving out 120 coins at maximum for coming up 5x times in the main reels. Next is the logo giving out 80 coins for appearing 4x times in the main reels. Finally, 20 coins are for the taking as the logo gives out for appearing 3 times in the paylines of the game.

How to win on Buffalo pokies?

How to win on Buffalo pokies?

Buffalo online slot game is a modern-day gambling product and cannot merely complete with regular paying icons only. This is the main reason why low paying ones are always allocated in the product. The appearance of these characters adds to the competitiveness of the product and allows more types of winning combination form accordingly.

With so many options galore, here are the top logos to consider in the game, having an ability to change the fate of the gamblers.

Ace: The Ace imaged logo is the first of a lot symbol in the game, having a payout of an impressive 100 coins for flashing up 5x number of times in the payline. Next, up for the appearance of 4x times, the outcome is 50 coins and finally 10 coins for the taking when it appears 3 times.

King: The King imaged logo is the 2nd of the lot icon in Buffalo online slot. This has a payout of 100 coins for popping up 5 times in the gambling product. Next up, a payout of 50 coins for coming up 4 times in the game is guaranteed. Lastly, a payout of 10 coins for coming up 3 times is the payout to consider.

Queen: Queen is the 3rd lowest paying logo of the product, whose payout scheme gives out 100 coins for coming up 5x times in the winning lines of the game. A payout of 20 coins and 5 coins are for the taking when the logo appears 4 and 3 times in the game.

Jack: The Jack in the Buffalo pokies pokie is the next low paying logo of the product. However, this follows up having the same type of payout as what Queen imaged character occupies. However, the precedence of importance, Queen stands ahead of this particular logo.

9 and 10 Card Pokies: These are the final two icons of Buffalo pokies having the last positions in terms of payout. Individually, both these logos have a similar payout, while 9 gives an extra 2 coins for appearing 2x times in the game. Otherwise, the coin multipliers for the taking in Buffalo pokies are 100, 10, and 5 coins for 5, 4, and 3 times appearance.

How to activate the Buffalo bonus?

Buffalo Bonus Symbols

Buffalo online slot game has no scarcity of surprises, something that the developer is known to deliver at every small juncture. Despite having no jackpot options in the reckoning, real money players may feel skeptical of investing over the product.

However, these bonus characters in this slot machine make up more than simply giving value-based payouts. This is also the case with other famous Aristocrat slots like Big Red pokie machine.

Thus, here are the two major characters, assuring for a push in the layout.

Wild: The Wild in Buffalo pokies is the image of Sunset. The character holds up a prominent position, ensuring to act as a trump character. This helps in replacing all the low payout ones excluding the Scatters in the payline. Moreover, Wilds only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Scatters: The Scatter logo in Buffalo pokies game is an image of a Coin. Much like the Wilds, this symbol helps in triggering newer possibilities. For instance, when the image appears 5 times, a prize of 20 coins is for the taking. Likewise, the coin wise payout is possible for 4 and 3 times, and punters can earn as much as 10 and 2 coins. However, the main objective of the character is to trigger a bonus feature round.

How to activate the free spins?

How to activate the free spins bonus in Buffalo pokies?

Buffalo pokies machine announce the topmost feature of the game: the free spins game. As it is the case with other Aristocrat slots like 5 Dragons pokie machine Popularly known as the Buffalo Feature, this allows players winning 8, 15 or 20 free games, for the scatters appearing 3, 4, or 5 times in the main game. The best part about the free spin round is the total win multiplier added, and the slot assures to multiply by a maximum of 27x.

While the free spin rounds are on course, the Wilds appears anywhere in 2, 3, or 4 reels and does a task of multiplying the win by 2 or 3.

Additionally, the players can trigger the feature once more, and an additional 5 extra free games are for the taking of any 2 scatters appearing in the free game rounds.

Buffalo pokies features.

Buffalo pokies Features and Coin Game

Buffalo pokies comes up with a structure of multi-directional paylines; thereby assuring themselves to see payouts appear from all the directions. One major feature of the product is the wins from bonus symbols are multiplied with Xtra Reels feature as well. This gives players a convincing payout to consider, especially while playing for real money.

It is to note that the paytable is static and the payouts are considered for one credit deposit only. A maximum of 300 USD is the reward for a slot machine trade. Players, looking for the minimum and maximum bet range, have liberty to trade with 0.01 USD to 40 USD in the game.

Moreover, it has a variable coin distribution of 0.01 to a maximum of 0.10 USD is a limit set for the players.

In the end, punters might love to make the usage of Autoplay feature available in the product. With a minor adjustment in the coin denomination and wagering requirements, players can sit relaxed while the game will trade itself. This feature is available for both real money and free gamblers respectively.

How to play the gamble feature?

How to play the gamble feature?

Gamble round is a special feature found in most of the top games developed by Aristocrat Gaming. Since most of these games have no jackpot rounds as such, like in the case of Miss Kitty slots the developer is determined to give a gamble feature for the players. While in this game, the gamble round appears after the completion of any winning spin.

Players have an option to risk the win and require predicting 1 out of 3 probabilities in the poker card. The rewards for choosing red/ black colour suite will give out 2x of the total rewards earned. For Suite, the reward is a whopping 4x of the total amount scored in the game.


Choice of Jackpot Rounds

Choice of Jackpot Rounds

Unfortunately, for the players signed up with intentions of winning a jackpot, Buffalo is one of those slot products from Aristocrat, which does not hold any such rounds. Alternatively, they can try out a gambling round holding a 50-50 risk chance and has a risk-backed payout for the taking.

Try the Demo Variant

Major numbers of punters today have a tendency to be skeptical about the products served. This calls for the players wanting to play the game for real as well as free in demo game variant. This is very common and a major reason why Buffalo pokies is available in the demo variant. Players can try this game in demo modes and plan to trade in the later stages without having a fear of losing.


Buffalo pokies RTP: 94.85%

Buffalo pokies RTP: 94.85%

Buffalo pokies comprises a regular RTP of 94.85%. For the gamers playing the products from a developer, can always relate the level of returns assured. This qualifies the product to comprise having medium volatility and variance as well.

Despite having Stacked Wilds, like Merlin slots, and other free spins, this portion of the product might raise eyebrows having a reasonably lower return.


Summary of Buffalo pokies.

Buffalo pokies online, a popular non-progressive themed game from Aristocrat, is based on the popular USA landscape-theme and the animals found over the region. The product has plenty of prospects for the punters planning to engage in real money trade over free gaming.

Not just because of the free spins or gamble features, both of which are available in most of Aristocrat’s products. The Xtra Reel feature with the overall payline structure has a lot more reasons why the gamblers would be able to score more. In the end, with its fair share of positives and negatives, Buffalo pokies stand tall for the gamblers.


More Chilli slots review – Play with free spins, Extra Wilds

More Chilli slots sites are Jackpot City Casino, All Slots Casino, Neon Slots, Vegas Slots Online, Gaming Slots, Slotorama, and Slots Free.

More Chilli is developed by Aristocrat. It is a 5-reel, 25-payline video slot with an RTP% of approximately 96.2 %.

The game is simple, but fun, making more peppers a special choice for slot machine enthusiasts, just like other Mexican pokies like Red Chilli slots from Amatic.

More Chilli slots casinos 2020

25 free spins no deposit + 250% bonus up to $2,500
20 free spins no deposit!
$/€500 welcome package + 100 no wager free spins
$50 free chip no deposit (CODE:50NDB)
20 free spins no deposit!

More Chilli slots machine engine.

More Chilli slots is ideal for novice and high stakes gamblers because of the various denominations used for betting. The game also includes bonus features like free spins, scatter symbols and rewards in the wild, which can increase your chances of winning large sums of money.

Players will find it easy to understand and play the game, as all instructions related to it is clearly mentioned on the screen. The special design of the console ensures that the player has an interactive experience free from any sort of hassle.

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Players can choose whether they want to bet real money in the game or play a free game to have fun. More Chilli slots have 5 reels with 3 symbols per roll, 25 pay lines and allow the players to make real money bets using coin denominations from 1 cent to 2 dollars. A penny is a minimum bet you can put on more pepper slots, and the maximum bet is $60, plus, only one coin is accepted per pay line.

Despite having no obvious progressive aspect, players can win up to 2000 coins and $4,000 in cash by playing the bonus functions. Although. there are different sizes of extra bets, there seem to be several variations depending on the location.

For instance, in Australia and online casinos, an additional 5 credits are needed for additional free games, 25 credits for 25 lines, but in a US casino, a total of 40 credits are needed for an extra free bet.

Originally, the game was exclusively planned and developed for casinos, malls and local bars; you could find the Chilli Pokie machines in almost all of these locations.

The rise in its popularity and success, however, encouraged Aristocrat Gaming to bring it to the App Store and design new online versions that would continue to attract players from around the world.

Aristocrat’s More Chilli pokie machine game can be played online at the recommended online casino for free or for real money. To access the More Chilli slot game online, you need to sign up for an online casino account. If you only want to play the game for free, you don’t need to deposit any money into your account.




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  • Software :

What’s the More Chilli gamble feature?

Similar to most slot games developed by Aristocrat Gaming, More Chilli also offers a feature that allows players to gamble and multiply their bonuses.

The gambling function in More Chilli pokies is a side card game in which the player needs to guess the colour or color of the card before the card is displayed.

If you are able to guess the color of the guard correctly, your current reward will be doubled, but if you manage to guess the card itself, including its color, correctly then your reward will be quadrupled.

One thing to note about the more chili slots is that it is enjoyable for both big gamblers and small gamblers. One of the best features of More Chilli pokies is that it is one of those slot machines that support both small and large players. You can get the highest bet of $60 and have the chance to win nearly $4,000.

How to activate free spins in More Chilli pokies?

To activate the free spins mode, you need to obtain as many peppers as possible. You will also need to take note that the man with the mustache is not there just for show and cheers, his symbol that appears on the reel can be replaced with any other icon, which means you can swap that to a pepper.

If you place three or more such symbols on the reel, you will get ten free spins. If you have activated the Plus Five Bet, you will get another five free spins.

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Three or more Money Bag scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins Bonus feature, but if you are lucky, slot games sometimes reward a random feature for playback only. Other Aristocrat pokies like 5 Dragons slots work in a similar manner.

The man in the sombrero shouted “more peppers.” You just triggered a bonus round or got an extra set of reels in Aristocrat’s More Chilli slot game. More Chili Slots is definitely a unique free spin bonus feature.

The more times you get peppers, the more free spins you will get. At the start, you get two sets of reels but if you don’t collect the pepper icon you won’t get any free spins. However, if you manage to accumulate fourteen pepper symbols, then you will have four reels. If you collect 30 pepper symbols, the reel numbers 3, 4 and 5 will load the wild icon for the rest of the free spin.

If you can collect 30 red pepper symbols in some way, then scrolls 3, 4 and 5 will all become Wild. The key is to unlock at least 4 rotations in 4 games and you can get some serious rewards through reels 4 and 5, if they become wild.

More Chilli pokie payouts.

Red Pepper Symbol.

The red pepper symbol in the more chili slots appears on the reels and can be stacked but there is no payment form. This is very similar to getting a blank symbol in an older mechanical reel slot machine.
It is a filler symbol in the base game and acts as an obstacle. Though in the free game of bonus features, you want it to appear as much as possible

Money Bag Scatter Symbol.

Three or more Money Bag symbols displayed anywhere on the reels are decentralized payments. In addition to winning any pay line, it pays 2 times the total bet (total bet = line bet x line number). The Scatter Symbol is also a trigger for More Chilli’s exciting free spin bonus feature.

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Sombrero Man Wild Symbol.

More than the wild symbol, the Sombrero Man symbol in the Chilli slot game has its own odds. It replaces all symbols except the Money Bags scattered salary and red pepper symbols. Each line can only achieve the highest victory.
The wild symbol is a stacked symbol that means you can display up to 3 wild symbols on the same reel.

Wild and Scatter Symbols.

We know what the symbols are but what importance do they hold for slot machine games? Well, they are one of the most core aspects of the game. In More Chilli, you have a machine with three reels and your objective is to obtain the same and valuable symbols in a row.
Now, you might be wondering that what are these Wild and Scatter symbols that have been mentioned above, More Chilli pokies has them as two separate categories that have their own reward and role, let us take a look at what that is.

More Chilli pokies scatters.

A bag of super spicy peppers represents the Scatter symbol, these are the key to triggering the free spin function, and you will also see the Chihuahua dog if you carry up to 1,500 coins all the way to the bank.
You will find the lost tequila bottle as a reward with up to 1000 coins and another one being the pepper cart that gives you up to 900 coins.

This is known as Scatter Pays which is a very popular feature present in games like the Merlin Millions slot machine from Microgaming.
Hunting down the chickens that escaped from their paddock will give you up to 800 coins and finding the sun beams down to see the action temperature will earn you up to 700 coins.
There is also standard Ace to 9 playing card symbols that we can use when playing a casino slot machines at Aristocrat.

Wild Symbols.

The first of the Wild symbols is “Hola”, and another is the Mexican-style amigo. They can replace any other symbol of the scatter and help increase the chances of forming a winning combination.
The symbol of the Red Pepper is one of the most important symbols of the game, as mentioned before. If you use three or more of these icons, you can win ten free spins. In addition, activation of the Plus Five Bet will give you five additional free spins.

The most popular part of the free spin bonus in More Chill slots is that a larger number of scatter symbols can contain a larger number of reels to rotate. Initially, players can get two sets of reels, but if you collect nine pepper icons, an extra reel will be added to the game.
Collecting fourteen scatter symbols will increase the reel to four, and thirty of these symbols will add the fifth reel and fill the reel number three, four and five, and the rest freely rotate with the wild icon.
At the end of the bonus game, your bonus will be added to your total revenue and you will be directed to the core game.


Will I receive free spins for More Chilli Slots?
No, there are no free spins on More Chilli available for new players.
What is the minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit to play More Chilli is £10. There are different welcome bonuses available at different More Chilli slots sites, all of them can be claimed when you deposit £10 for the first time.
Which are the More Chilli slots PayPal casinos?
More Chilli PayPal Casinos include Jackpot City Casino, Neon Slots, Vegas Slots Online, and Slotorama. The minimum amount that you can transfer in More Chilli slots sites via PayPal is £10.

Extra Chilli slots sites – free spins scatters with unlimited multipliers.

November 10, 2020 Posted in Big Time Gaming, News, Pokie Review by No Comments

The Extra Chilli slot game is a video slot provided by the Big Time Gaming studio. It was released in April 2018 and is the latest addition to their online slot world. Big Time Gaming studio isn’t the largest software producer, but it certainly has a good reputation.

It ensures that its players are always surprised with new and creative gaming features to stir up their excitement. This game offers a number of winning opportunities to slot players with up to 117,649 potential ways to win.

You can receive this opportunity by using the developer’s Megaways game engine that offers the option featuring a variety of ways to win with each spin.

The Megaways game engine has an innovative way of expanding the pay lines up to astonishing numbers. It is what makes the Extra Chilli slot machine stand out among other slot games. The features of the game are pretty attractive, especially the Unlimited Multiplier feature as it can really boost your winnings.

Extra Chilli slots sites 2020.

25 free spins no deposit + 250% bonus up to $2,500
20 free spins no deposit!
$/€500 welcome package + 100 no wager free spins
$50 free chip no deposit (CODE:50NDB)
20 free spins no deposit!




  • Game Type :
  • Software :

What’s the Extra Chilli Slot RTP?

The Return to Player Percentage of Extra Chilli pokie machine is known to be 96.2% which is slightly above average. The game has high volatility to it which gives extra spice to it. Up to 20,000 times your total stake can be won with each spin – too hot!

Symbol Drop or Dual Reactions

In this feature, winning symbols are replaced by new ones which increases your chances of winning more and more. A winning symbol explodes after each spin and an automatic re-spin offers more winning symbols. After you land a winning combo, successful symbols are eliminated and replaced by new symbols that drop in the previous symbols’ place.

The replacement symbols come from the right side of the row. The elimination and dropping continue until a drop comes where no new winning combination is made.

When this feature is combined with the Megaways feature, a unique play dynamic is created. The rewards that you receive from this feature will be added as payouts of the spin that generated the regular win.


The low paying symbols are represented by the traditional playing cards including 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Other than that, there isn’t much variety in the symbols. You will only see chili peppers that are in four different colors: purple, red, green, and blue.

The Wild symbol is represented by fireworks. It does all the substitution work in the game. One or more Wild symbols occasionally may hit the main or extra reel and boost your chances of completing winning ways. 

The Wilds, represented by animated fireworks, substitute for all other symbols excluding the golden Scatters.

What’s the feature drop?

This feature is exclusive to the Extra Chilli slot game. With the help of this function, you can pay to activate the free spins feature. This means that you can gain direct entry to the bonus round. The Feature Drop symbol is in the form of a gold coin.

Each gold coin that comes into view will reduce the cost of the Feature Drop. Therefore, the larger the size of the gold coin, the greater the deduction.

It could even reduce the price down to 0.00. You will find the option on the left side of the reels and can use it whenever you feel that paying for the free spins is worth it.

Extra Reel

This is a total game-changer. Why? Because it gets that special 7th reel rolling the symbols with every win, hence increasing your chances of creating more slot wins. The extra reels halt on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels and add an extra symbol. Bigger payouts can be received with this feature.


Another feature that is exclusive to the Extra Chilli slot machine is the Megaways feature. With this, you can have a variety of ways to win as the number of symbols on each reel changes with each spin. An impressive 177, 649 number of ways to create wins can be achieved at maximum, but usually, about 34,300 ways are more commonly offered.

What Scatter symbol are in Extra Chilli?

A gold letter symbol which is a set of letters H, O, and T cumulatively spells out “H.O.T”. It is the one you should be looking out for the most. That is because landing three of these symbols will activate the free spins feature.

Purple chili symbol

The highest paying symbol is that of the purple pepper. For five-of-a-kind of this symbol, you can get 50 coins. A combination of four will help you win 10 times your stake. Hitting the reels with 3 and 2 of these symbols will pay you 5 and 2 times your stake respectively.

Extra Chilli Free Spins

The free spins feature is activated when three gold letter Scatters hit the reels. Therefore, you must keep an eye out for the word  H.O.T.

For 3 Scatters across the 6 reels, you will win 8 free spins. Moreover, with every additional Scatter that you land, you can win 4 extra free spins to your total.

The free spins feature in Extra Chilli poker machine is unique and interesting because it comes with an Expanding Multiplier. This means that with every consecutive successful drop win, the Expanding Multiplier increases by 1 time and goes up to 8 times.

The multiplier reverts to 1x when there are no more winning drops. On each free spin, you can win 20,000 times your stake.

You can win more free spins if you are able to hit more than 3 Scatters. Since the multiplier is unlimited, you can continue receiving bigger wins.

But this is not all that the free spins feature offers. If 3 or 4 bowls of chilis appear on the extra horizontal reel, you can win another set of 4 or 8 free spins. Furthermore, by using the gamble feature, you can try and collect more free spins if you wish to do so.

One benefit that you can enjoy in Extra Chilli’s free spins feature comes from the Big Time Gaming’s gold coin. Every time a BTG gold coin appears after a spin, it reduces the cost of the free spins feature, hence making it more affordable for players.

Free Spin Scatter

The free spin Scatter appears on the horizontal reel while the feature of Unlimited Multiplier is activated. If you manage to get 3 of the free spin Scatters, you can receive 4 extra free spins. You can also get 4 Scatters and receive 8 extra free spins. 

Free Spins Gamble

With this feature, you have the chance to collect even more free spins. Up to 24 free spins can be won through this feature. Bowls of chilies appear on the reels under the main set.

If you land 3 or 4 of these, then another 4 or 8 free spins are added to your existing total. However, there is a scary twist to this feature. If you lose, you will end up with nothing at all.

Unlimited Multiplier

This feature is associated with the free spins feature. The unlimited multiplier starts at 1x and goes up by 1 with every winning spin.

Gamble Mode

With the gamble mode, you have the chance to increase the number of free spins to up to 24. Even though gambling the free spins may be a risky step to take, it sure brings some fun and excitement.

Bonus Rounds

You can enter the bonus round with the free spins feature and the free spins gamble wheel. Spinning the wheel successfully in the first go rewards 12 free spins. A re-spin rewards 16 free spins. You can go further up with that, but there is also the risk of losing them all if you fail.

You can also activate the bonus round by hitting the Features Drop button. This will require you to pay an extra stake to earn the bonus. Buying the bonus round will cost 50 times the current bet level.


Even though there aren’t any local or progressive jackpots available, you can win impressive amounts of cash at Extra Chilli slot. At any given spin, you have the chance to win up to 20,000 times your total stake.

Therefore, at a maximum, you can be rewarded $1,000,000 when playing with maximum stakes. The worth of the top prize equals 50x and it can be achieved when 6 purple chilies land on the same pay line.


As soon as you land at least three matching symbols on adjacent reels from the left, you will start winning payouts. The biggest payout you can potentially get in this game is worth 20,000 times the bet in one spin. Your chance to receive this payout amount is in the free spins feature when the Unlimited Multiplier boosts up.

Maximum and Minimum Bet Range

At the Extra Chilli pokie machine, you can place a minimum bet of 0.2 and a maximum bet of 40. There is a variety of bet levels, so you can easily look for and choose the one that you feel the most comfortable with.

Coin Value

You can roll the reels for as low as $0.2. The coin value ranges all the way up to $100 per spin.

Mobile Version

The Extra Chilli slot game is mobile-friendly, so you can always feel free to give it a go on your phone or tablet whenever and wherever. The mobile version is compatible with both iOS and Android and is functional on all devices. The mobile optimization of the Extra Chilli slot machine makes it resize to fit any screen.

Demo Mode

The demo mode of Extra Chilli poker machine is as good as the overall game. You can play it to decide whether the game would be a good match for your preference and style. Moreover, you don’t need to sign up or deposit any cash.


A number of innovative options in the game distinguish it from other slot games. The theme of the game is a common and simple one; it is just another Mexican themed slot.

The Mariachi-style music is, however, catchy. The background demonstrates a colorful but empty Mexican food market.

The Extra Chilli poker machine consists of 6 reels in total. About 2 to 7 symbols can appear on each reel, so the number of ways to win fluctuates with each spin. Both the 1st and 6th reels can hold up to 7 symbols, whereas reels 2 to 5 can hold a maximum of 6 symbols. With each spin, the number of pay lines changes.

This is because the symbols can appear in varying sizes. There is also an additional 7th reel that is placed below the rest of the reels and spins horizontally.

This suggests that the number of Megaways winning ways varies with each of your spins. It can also help to create winning combos. The number of active pay lines is not fixed. Therefore, every spin feels like a different and exciting one.

The Extra Chilli slot game is especially appealing to those players who enjoy volatile games as it is one of those. It may not be the best choice for newcomers, though, as it may be a bit complicated to them.

At face value, it may seem that this game doesn’t offer much to win. However, with the option to buy the free spins feature, you can kill the wait to wait for Scatters to activate it.

So for those who don’t mind spending bit of some cash on a slot game, Extra Chilli Slot is the perfect game. You can skip the base game and just hop on to win big with free spins.

The graphics of the game are bit dry and boring, so it lacks visual action. However, that could be overlooked as it is a minor issue. Other than that, the overall gameplay is pretty attractive and lively. The dazzling winning combinations offered at Extra Chilli will sure make you want to come back for more.

Chilli Gold slots sites – Stacked Wilds, free spins & free spins.

The Chilli Gold slot is an online colorful and entertaining all-round video slot game machine provided by Lightning Box Games. The game is one of the most sought-after free slots that can be found online in the non-downloadable market.

Chilli Gold consists of a tasty and spicy Mexican theme with red hot chilies. It has 5 reels and 40 paylines and offers a Free Games feature. Up to 21 free spins can be gained in the bonus round.

The Stacked Wilds feature also grants a bunch of free spins so you can win big. In addition to that, a combined Wild and Bonus Scatter is also rewarding for the players.

A standard jackpot and other various prizes worth thousands of coins make the game more attractive. The Chilli Gold slot machine is available in an instant play mode.

The cartoon-like graphics of the game feature some funny-looking characters that add to the liveliness of the game. The sound effects along with authentic Mexican music are quite pleasant.

In the background, you can see a hombre with a big hat on his head, dressed in a poncho, and grasping a red pepper. Different types of cacti also cover the background image, along with a mule in front of a blue sky.

Chilli Gold Pokies sites 2020

25 free spins no deposit + 250% bonus up to $2,500
20 free spins no deposit!
$/€500 welcome package + 100 no wager free spins
$50 free chip no deposit (CODE:50NDB)
20 free spins no deposit!

Slot Features

In the Chilli Gold pokie machine, you can find a variety of impressive and exciting features that are described below:

  • Multiplier Bet Button

The simplest feature of Chilli Gold is perhaps the Multiplier Bet Button. This feature gives you a chance to escalate your playing speed by up to 5 times. All you need to do in order to activate this feature is click on the Multiplier Bet Button.

This will get the reels spinning automatically for you. The Bet Multiplier multiplies the number of coins that you place your bet on by the value of the Bet Multiplier. Then they are further multiplied by the selected coin size and that yields the total bet amount for you.

  • Bonus Round

This feature of the Chilli Gold slot machine is the most attractive one. The bonus round here is not like any other bonus round as it can really help with multiplying your earnings. You can achieve massive wins with the help of the Free Spins Bonus Round.

The more Scatter symbols you are able to spin in, the more free spins you will be rewarded with.. When six or more Wilds, represented by a red pepper, appear on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels, the feature is triggered.

What’s interesting about this feature is that at any one time, there are chances to land far more than 5 with the stacked Wild symbols.

  • Stacked Wilds

With lots of red chilli Wilds, you have a chance to win a bunch of bonus games. This feature really gets your coins flowing, hence increasing your chances of winning big. It is activated when up to 4 Wilds appear on a reel at the same time.

This results in the stacking of the Wild Gold Chilli symbols. The stacked symbols contribute to your chances of winning. Moreover, winning combinations can also be created if the stacked symbols are used in place of other symbols. This feature can exclusively help you win a jackpot worth 5,000 coins.

  • Wild Scatter

Landing on the Wild Scatter enough times could trigger a lot of free spins. What’s great about this feature, however, is that even if it doesn’t activate free spins, its Wild aspect still has the capability to trigger a payline win.

Symbols – Wild and Scatter

There is a total of 12 symbols and each offers its own unique rewards to the players. All the symbols in the Chilli Gold pokie are related to the overall Mexican theme that the game is cantered around. There are both regular and special symbols.

The Wild symbol is represented with a big shiny red pepper that says “Wild Bonus”. It uniquely doubles up as the Bonus Scatter symbol, which is certain to bring the players great joy. Therefore, the red pepper serves a dual purpose unlike separate Wild and Scatter symbols that most slot games usually have. The red pepper Wild symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 or 4.

It can also be used to replace all the other missing regular symbols including both the low and high paying ones to create winning combinations. The fact that the Wild symbol can be scattered can be really advantageous.

There are also Gold Chilli Wilds that say “Wild” and they only appear in the bonus feature. They appear as stacked too, like the red peppers, and land on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reels, hence giving a massive boost to your chances of winning. The Gold Chilli Wild symbol is active only during the free spins round. Moreover, it has the ability to replace all the other symbols.

However, it would not replace the Red Chilli symbol because of the option of re-activating the free spins that is available to the players. Unlike normal slot games’ Scatter symbols, the Scatter symbols in Chilli Gold can get you more than the usual amount depending on how the reels fall into place.

Other than that, the regular poker card symbols; King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9 are the low-paying symbols. They are also decorated in a Mexican theme. The higher paying icons include a parrot, a pair of maracas, a guitar, and a donkey.

The most valuable symbol is that of the Mexican man wearing the huge Mexican hat. With this symbol, combinations with symbols 2, 3, 4 or 5 can be formed. Other combinations are created with the other symbols and 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols.

5 of this symbol on a payline will reward you with a jackpot amount as big as 1000 coins. The minimum that this symbol offers is 10 coins if it lands on 2 reels, followed by 75 coins if it lands on 3 reels, and 250 coins if it lands on 3 reels.

All the numerous symbols along with the additional stacked Wilds keep the replay value of the game above average.

Chilli Gold Free Spins

Chilli Gold slot machine features free spins in the Bonus Round in order to reward the players with a good winning rate. The free spins also feature the Gold Chilli Bonus symbol which acts as a Wild during the free spins and can be stacked.

Therefore, it can be quite rewarding for the players. The Gold Chilli symbol stacked on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels will credit you with sufficient rewards. The symbol stays on the reels until the Bonus Round is over and that is exactly where you can win the big money.

The free spins offered by the Chilli Gold slot are more than just the standard 10-15 free spins. You can receive a minimum of 3 free spins with the appearance of six Wild symbols anywhere on the reels in the Bonus Round.

Even though the minimum number of free spins that you can get is 3, you will find yourself walking away with quite a lot. Rest of the numbers of Wilds on the reels and the free spins that they offer are stated below:

  • 7 Wilds will give you 6 free spins.
  • 8 Wilds will give you 9 free spins
  • 9 Wilds will offer you 12 free spins
  • 10 Wilds will offer you 15 free spins
  • 11 Wilds will reward you with 18 free spins

Lastly, the maximum number of free spins that you can win in the Bonus Round is 21, when 12 Wilds appear on the reels. You can also re-trigger the free spins feature during the spins rounds.

During the free spins round, the Gold Chilli Wild can appear on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5 and thus increase the possibilities of some great prizes. It will expand and spread over the entire reel. Upon the landing of more Red Chilli Wilds, additional free spins can be rewarded to you.

How to win the jackpot in Chilli Gold?

Standard jackpot is available in the Chilli Gold slot game. You can win Chilli Gold’s ultimate jackpot worth up to 5,000 coins in the Bonus Round. The jackpot amount, however, isn’t a huge one even if it is triggered on  more than one payline with the Wild symbols.

But despite that, you can still win the jackpot on multiple paylines during the free spins round and that makes the game likeable. Other alternate prizes are also offered to make it possible for the players to win big.


Each symbol in the game has its own unique payout to offer, which is determined by what appears on the reels with each spin. The Wild and Scatter symbols not only reward the players with coins but free spins as well.

A total of five of the symbol of the hombre on a payline will pay out 1000 times the amount of your total wager. Other than that, multiplying the wager by per line will yield bigger prizes. It allows for multiplying all of the payouts by a maximum of five.

Players can choose to bet on all of the 40 paylines to yield maximum payout. All in all, from small winnings to massive payouts, there is a lot that players can expect from the Chilli Gold slot game.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Range

With a wide range of bets and credits to choose from, Chilli Gold allows the players to choose the number of coins they wish to wager per line. This feature in the Chilli Gold slot game is a unique one compared to other slot games provided by this software.

You can place a bet of minimum 40 coins. As far as the maximum bet is concerned, you can bet up to 200 coins on all paylines per spin. You can choose to bet 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 credits per line your total wager. This will help you reach remarkable amounts. Since all the 40 paylines are always active, you can set your bet amount at once and hit the spin button whenever you are ready.

Coin Value

In the Chilli Gold poker machine, the minimum coin size equals 0.01 and the maximum coin size is of 1. The individual credit value can be increased within the range of $0.01 to $1. Similarly, the number of credits per line can be selected from one to 5 that you wish to wager.

Numbers of Reels and Paylines

The Chilli Gold slot game consists of 5 desert-yellow coloured reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed, active, and non-selectable paylines that cannot be changed by the player. All the 40 paylines are available for betting. You can bet 5 coins on each payline.

The reels and paylines together give away plenty of chances to win with each spin. There is a wide range of bets and credits per line that you can choose from. At Chilli Gold, one credit is allowed per line. The total number of paylines make this slot a medium variance slot game.

Mobile Phone Version

The Chilli Gold slot machine is available to play on all mobile devices including iPhones and Androids.

Return to Player Percentage (RTP%)

The return to player percentage of Chilli Gold poker machine is 96%. The variance is in the medium range as the free spins speed up at suitable intervals.


All in all, the Chilli Gold slot is a fun game that the Lighting Box has created for slot-lovers around the globe. It offers plenty of opportunities for players to win amazing prizes. Packed with a lively animation, bonus free games, and Stacked Wilds, you are guaranteed to have an adventurous time playing at Chilli Gold.

Moreover, both the red chilli Wilds and gold chilli Wilds together propose bigger and better chances to win. The more matching symbols you can line up, the greater your chances to receive big and impressive rewards. The game can be played on all devices including desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.