Big Red slot review

Check out this Big Red slot machine review before playing.

If online gaming is your trip then Big Red Slot machine is the new game in town that you should be checking out.

Big red Slot has been created by Aristocrats, the master’s in online gaming and it is simply known as Big Red Slot after the one dollar Australian slot machine.

This new game is fast, it’s humorous and it promises to keep you hooked simply because it’s interesting and fun. At the outset, this game might just seem so simple that you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that even a kid could play this game and even master it eventually. But as you play on you’ll realize that is just not so simple.

The Big Red slot game.

If you thought that the Big Red Slot had a feature that is kind of old school since it is a slot with 5 lines and added bonus spin then think again because with Big Red Slot there’s also an option for high volatility as well.

On Slot machines, you will find three levels of Volatility, High, Medium and Low. And if you’re new and uninitiated and don’t exactly understand this. Well, let me explain it to you.

When you play on the low volatility option your odds of winning are way too high but the money involved isn’t really much. If you’re playing the Medium level then odds are you’ll win frequently and the money too will be good. But when you play high levels the odds of winning completely decrease but then again the amounts of money you win soar through the sky.

So when you find yourself on this new game, the Big Red Slot from Aristocrat odds are you’ll be spinning the wheel to no avail but if you stick at it then all of a sudden and out of the blue voila you find yourself in the middle of one huge win.

Fortune favours the brave, no scientific proof for that, but doubt against it either and if you’re not really brave then the Big Red Slot is one online gambling machine you should stay away from.Wild Symbols and Bonus Symbols

The images you’ll find in this 5 reel machine are card characters like 9, 10, J, Q and K. You will also find other characters like scattered trees, dingos, eagles, kangaroos, boars and crocodiles.

The Kangaroo out here would be your wild symbol while the tree that you find which looks like it’s against an orange sunset would be the scatter. On the winning pay line if you get one kangaroo as a substitute then you automatically get five free spins to go with that. The Kangaroo symbol can substitute any symbol except the tree and it normally appears on the 3rd 4th and the 5th reel.

Big Red Slot Machine Gamble Feature

The Big red Slot also has a gambling option using which you can increase your money four times. To avail this option you have to click on the gamble button just after you’ve won and the procedure starts by itself.

After you do this the next step would be to pick a color or a suit of any card. If your guess about the colour is accurate then you win twice the amount you gambled, if you’re guessing about the suit is accurate then you make four times the amount you staked.

You’re allowed to play this gambling feature for about five times consecutively after which you’ll have to wait for another win to enable it again. The maximum buy-in for this feature is twenty-five thousand pounds.

Launched in April this year you can find the Big Red Slot machine at Money Gaming online amongst a myriad of other interesting gambling games by Aristocrat.