Alaskan Fishing pokies – Are you fishing for HUGE wins?

Alaskan Fishing slot review.

Meet the Alaskan Fishing slot machine from Microgaming. My first impression of the Alaskan Fishing pokie machine was that it was a mess! Graphics are cluttered, and the whole screen failed to draw me in.

The theme of the game is of course fishing…in Alaska, so if you have an aversion to salmon or water this may not be the slot for you!
The layout is a white background, five reels and three rows of symbols; a total of 243 ways to win as far as lines go. The symbols are set in circles and include fishing reels, trophies, tackle boxes, fishing flies, boats, bears (eating salmon), sea eagles (catching salmon), float planes (flying over salmon I expect) and the odd fisherman (working hard to catch salmon).

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I bit the bullet and started to play, trying to make visual sense of the jumble of images flashing across the screen, and waiting for my first bite…errr…win.

It wasn’t that long in coming, and I found the messy circles transforming themselves into some pretty neat animations.

The wins started off small; just slowing down the depletion of my bank, but then I hit really lucky, with two fishermen showing up on reels one and five, which unlocked a really good bonus.

The pokie disappears, to be replaced with an animation of a fisherman and his dog by the side of a river. You have five chances to pick spots in the river, and the fisherman casts into each one in turn, pulling out a salmon (carefully watched by the dog). Each salmon then converts into a win. I racked up 45 times my stake on this bonus, which made me forget all about the dodgy graphics!

There’s a free spins bonus on offer too: the tackle box on three reels or more will give you 15 free spins, with your winnings multiplied up too.

It took me some getting used to, and I’m still not in love with the Alaskan Fishing slot game, everything from the pseudo-country music to the messy graphics offends me a little, but it’s a pokie that will certainly appeal to some, and if you hit lucky you can expect big payouts!