50 Lions slots review

50 Lions slots review.

The 50 Lion Slot is created by one of the greatest creators of arcade games: Aristocrat. The game is launch in Australia in about 2002 or 2003.

It is a very unique game because instead of the usual three bonus symbols per reel, this game features 4 bonus symbols on each reel giving you a total of 20 bonus symbols combined for more chances of winning. Moreover, the 50 Lions Slot was also the first slot game to use “stacking”.

50 Lions Slot Wild Symbols & Multipliers

In this slot game the 50 Lion Slot, the top pay symbol is the lion. I guess you can see it in the game’s name. It’s so obvious. These symbols happen to be stack four symbols high.

In order to win on multiple lines , you just need to get the symbols stacked during the win. You can win 5 lions pay on each of the fifty lines. And the great thing is it is possible for all the lions to appear on the screen, since all the reels have all lion symbol stack.

Extra games: Free Spins Bonus feature.

The creator has made an incredible bonus feature game where you win Free Spins. If you have three Potea Flowers appear on the reels 1, 2 and 3.

On every free spin a wild diamond symbol appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. This creates a “stacked” effect. The wild diamonds will now stack themselves causing multiple wins. In the end of the ten free spins you will have 40 wild symbols on your screen.

The best thing is if you’re overcrowded with luck you can win the three Potea Flowers bonus game again and have another 5 free spins but you can only re-trigger the feature once.

Hi-Low Gamble Game on 50 Lions Slot

This game has a gamble feature too. In this feature you can win double or quadruple. Just click the gamble button and choose a card color (red or black) and a card suit (diamond, heart, clover or spade).

And if you get the correct color you win double but, if you can also get the right suit correctly you can win a quadruple prize! That if you have so much luck and determination to win the game.

Massive Win of 50 Lions Slots!

How many video slot game gives you a chance to take away £179 from just a £5 bet?

That’s why we love 50 Lions slots! Will you hear the lion roar?

Incredible Slot Game to have Fun & Relax!

If you use games to relax and have fun, online casino is a must try! Online casino is a trend in the internet world nowadays. So many games and incredible, enjoying and exciting slot games, one of t these incredible slot games is the 50 Lion Slot, an enjoyable game with many more unique features.

This game really attracts gamers because of its exciting features. An incredible and enjoyable game with its exciting features will totally help you relax from a very troublesome day.

50 Lions slots.