Castle Builder II slot

Castle Builder 2 slot machine is here! – Builder more, build better. Love more, win better.

Castle Builder slot gameThere are games that enjoy a solid three months of popularity (while their being pushed through the online casinos) and there are games that come legend. The eagerly anticipated sequel to the popular game changing video slot Castle Builder slot. Castle Builder ll slot features an amazing choice of odds-boosting features and enhancements, effectively bridging the gap between online the online slots gaming and the recent social gamification.

As you know this is the second version of the original Castle Builder video slot machine first introduced by Microgaming years ago. It feature many features which where highly innovative for its time while it appealed to the more social gaming player looking for fantasy, world-conquering, romantic (and often highly sexual!) strategy social games typically found on Facebook or other social networks.

Among the most common slot features that you’ll find on Castle Builder 2 slot are the Expanding Wilds, the free spins bonus game, the wild symbols plus the bonus games; yes, there are more!

The bonus games in this video slot seamlessly interact with a massive fantasy World where you will begin by by choosing one of three avatars. Each of these avatars has their own feature set and story line, with which you’ll embark into 15 kingdoms with over 300 characters in an adventure full of action and big wins.

Castle Builder 2 slot machine is a land where online slot players collect building material to build fabulous castles and help the beautiful princess find her prince charming. Live an adventure and win it big with a royal wedding; this is just one of the 100+ achievements you can unlock with some hefty payout prizes.